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Andrew G. Marshall’s Infidelity Survival Training and Support Group

“I can’t get over my partner's affair.”

Dealing with the fallout from an affair can be really tough.

If you’re the Discoverer, it often seems you’ve got to do the lion’s share of rescuing your relationship.

No wonder you feel isolated—especially as your partner gets defensive or angry when you bring up the affair and your friends are sympathetic but don’t really get it.

When something as devastating as an affair happens, you want to get back on track as quickly as possible—but where do you start?

You want to put the pain behind you but you’re equally worried that might mean burying the problem rather than resolving it. How do you find the right balance?

Getting help with these questions, and all the others going around in your head, means that you are caring for yourself—and let’s face it that’s important after such a devastating discovery.

Everything you need to know about my premium Infidelity Survival Training and Support Group is detailed below, but if you are ready to sign up at my special offer price of just £49 (usually £175 for one year) please click the green "Join Now" button. 


Andrew G. Marshall / Author & Marital Therapist

Andrew G. Marshall / Author & Marital Therapist

Andrew G. Marshall - Author & Marital Therapist

How can I help?

My name is Andrew G. Marshall and I am the most well-known couples therapist in the UK.

I have written twenty books on relationships and my therapy sessions, of which I have thirty years experience, are in high demand.

I have probably met someone who is behaving just like your partner. I have probably counselled couples with the same issues as you and I have a good idea what you are going through at the moment.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to be able to talk to other people who are going through the same thing? It is hard because it is such a private issue that people just don’t bring up in public.

I’m running a special 3-month membership offer - join my premium Infidelity Survival Training and Support Group for 3 months for just £49 (usually £175 for one year). You will then have the option to renew at this rate or convert to an annual membership.

My Premium Facebook Infidelity Support Group

There a lot of people in the same position, therefore I’ve decided to bring them together to support each other with advice based on their own real experiences. So you don’t feel so alone, as if you’re the only person who feels they are going mad. That’s where my Infidelity Support Group comes in.

In an ideal world, after an affair has been discovered, your partner would do everything possible to help you recover and to repair your marriage. Unfortunately, most unfaithful partners have little idea how to make amends and often say hurtful things that make things worse.

Infidelity Survival Training

Working on a marriage takes time and your partner’s commitment can waiver. There will be lots of everyday events which will trigger flashbacks—like your partner being late home, a storyline on a soap-opera or having to drive past the place the affair partner lives.

It takes time to put the affair behind you and it’s not a straight line—rather a journey of steps forward and lurches backwards.

  • How do you cope on the bad days?
  • What do you do with all those niggling questions?
  • How do you show your partner your relationship is worth fighting for but at the same time not sweep your fears and legitimate concerns under the carpet?

That’s the beauty of the second half of what I’m offering: Infidelity Survival Training.

What is the Infidelity Survival Training and Support Group?

Genuine safe space

It will be moderated so group members support rather than criticise others.

Confidential Facebook Group

Only other members of the group will be able to read what you post.

Shared Experiences

Ask questions to others going through the same experiences.

Stay as long as you like

Everybody has different needs and moves at different paces.

What do you get if you join Andrew’s group?

The Package

Members of Andrew’s Infidelity Survival and Support group will benefit from a confidential, members-only Facebook group providing:


Weekly access* to Andrew

Weekly access* to Andrew—either in the form of Facebook live or an hour when he will be in his virtual office taking questions via Facebook.


Video Guides

Exclusive access to pre-recorded videos which build into a revolutionary approach to coping with the trauma of infidelity.


Be Plugged In

A supportive community of other people going through the same issues.


Time-sensitive topics

Coverage of time sensitive topics—such as how to cope with Christmas or your wedding anniversary, post discovery.


Infidelity Survival Resources

Links to useful infidelity survival articles either in the media or from Andrew’s network of infidelity experts around the world.


Archive of assets

There is an extensive library of previous live videos and discussions to draw on.

This group of wonderful, compassionate, understanding people helped me so much in my darkest hour.

Group Member, March 2019

I can’t tell you how much being part of this Group has helped me cope with the awful situation we are all in.

Group Member, April 2019

Everyone is going through the same struggles and can understand your pain and your desperation for answers.

Group Member, March 2019

This Group will be your rock on those difficult days you feel stuck.

Group Member, Feb 2019

The biggest plus points to me of the group are 1) being able to share stories and feelings with people who have been/are in similar situations. As much as my family/ friends have been supportive, they can’t understand and empathise the way the other folk in the group can. 2) I feel less self conscious commenting/ sharing on here as it’s closed/ private. 3) to have the guru that is Andrew answer questions, host live Q&A sessions and pop helpful videos on, is fabulous.

Group Member, Sept 2018

I like how practical (videos and articles etc) and interactive (especially with the Q&A and polls) this group is. The practical tips really make this group original as it focuses on the future and healing.

Group Member, Sept 2018

Why join my group?

In my experience, the couples who arrive in my therapy office the most distressed are those recovering from infidelity, but they are the ones who leave the happiest.

Why should this be? The other couples tend to avoid all the buried bodies in their relationship—for example, she earns more than him or he dislikes her mother. However, couples recovering from infidelity want to go deeper and talk about everything—in case the buried topics come back to haunt them.

By overcoming all these stubborn problems and the trauma of infidelity, they discover a greater depth to their love, they learn to communicate better.

I would like to help you reach this place.

What does it cost?

Andrew in Berlin

Coming to see Andrew in Berlin for one week of intensive therapy costs £950.

Andrew in London

Seeing Andrew in London—on the rare occasions he is there—costs £180 for one hour.

Andrew's Infidelity Support Group

However we are offering a special 3-month membership package. For just £49 you can have access to all Andrew’s knowledge and support for 3 months. We are confident the group will be an integral part of your recovery but if you are not satisfied we offer a 14-day money back guarantee.

Join now

An hour of face-to-face time in London with Andrew costs £180 but you can have 3 months of support in the group for just £49


Andrew G. Marshall is the UK's best-known marital therapist and has thirty years experience. His self-help books include the international best-seller I Love You But I’m Not In Love With You.


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