Can We Start Again Please?
20 Questions to Fall Back in Love

Is your partner in despair of your relationship ever improving? Have they fallen out of love? This book will help you recruit him or her to try again:

  • Why people fall out of love
  • How to get back the sexual spark
  • The five love languages - and how to learn to speak your partner’s
  • Twenty questions to get back that ‘just met’ buzz
  • The seven most powerful interventions to improve communication

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Andrew G. Marshall,Author & Marital Therapist

“I have taken everything I have learned from thirty-plus years as a marital therapist—and from over three thousand clients—and boiled it down into my key ideas and my most powerful interventions. My aim is not just to repair your marriage—but to help you fall back in love by going right to the root of the problems and rekindle the flame of your passion for each other.”

In the Book, You Will Discover:


Remember when conversation between you and your partner flowed like wine? These proven methods help rekindle the flame—they are based on questions researchers asked strangers to use on each other. They were so powerful several of the respondents went on to marry each other.


Help even the most sceptical to understand how to find the right time to talk, truly listen and develop a strategy to move forward. This book will plant hope into your partner’s mind that not only is it possible to repair your marriage—but here is a proven roadmap back to love. 


Instead of just looking at each other over an expensive meal or going over the same old painful ground again, the 20 QUESTIONS TO FALL BACK IN LOVE will provide interesting topics to spark intimate and fun conversation again.


You can start right away. There are countless small strategies that will make a big change to the way that the two of you communicate. It will lower the tension and help you get a positive response when you are ready to ask "Can we start again please?"

About the Author: Andrew G. Marshall

Andrew is the UK's best-known marital therapist and has thirty years experience helping couples fall back in love. His self-help books include the international best-seller I Love You But I’m Not In Love With You.

He leads a team of therapists in London offering tailor-made practical solutions for couples looking to repair the marriage or improve their love life by getting back the spark.

What They Are Saying

The Irritable Male Syndrome

“Andrew G Marshall offers deeply insightful, helpful and practical tools for dealing with most of the challenges we face.”

Robert J. Ackerman, PhDEditor, Counselor Magazine

“His writing and wisdom teach and touch at the same time.

Can We Start Again Please? Twenty Questions to Fall Back in Love
You need skills—not just connection—for a happy relationship

​Whether you want to improve what’s already good or feel you and your partner are dangerously out of touch, Can We Start Again Please? provides tools to diagnose the real issues between you.

It offers along with plenty of tried-and-tested practical advice in an easy-to-digest form, drawn directly from over thirty years of professional couples counselling.

Why Wait? Get the book now (from Amazon):

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