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The Marshall Method Therapy Team - Online Counselling and face-to-face sessions in London

More and more people are recognising the benefits of seeing a therapist online.

It is not only more flexible but allows access a top rate professional even if you do not live in a major city. We use Skype, Whereby, Zoom and other video conference software to offer online counselling.

We are seeing clients face-to-face again in London.

I have a team of highly-skilled therapists who offer The Marshall Method in London. They all offer Skype and telephone counselling (a service that I am unable to provide).

What makes the Marshall Method different from other couples counselling?

  1. We believe that relationships run into problems because of poor communication but that good relationship skills can be taught.
  2. We concentrate more on solving current problems than understanding what went wrong. (However, if you are dealing with infidelity an important part of the recovery will be understanding why the affair happened.)
  3. Unlike some therapists who answer a question with another question, we believe that we’re all working together as a team to improve your relationships and therefore are happy to answer questions and be as transparent as possible.
  4. Our approach is solutions-focused.

To book a session

Please use the contact form at the end of this page where you can specify your preferred counsellor.

Marshall Method Counsellors

Andrew G. Marshall

I divide my time between London and Berlin. My London Practice is at 1 Snow Hill Court EC1A 2EJ and my Berlin Practice is at Wielandstrasse 14 10629.

I am not taking any new clients in London. If you are a former client, please use the contact form below to discuss your needs with my practice manager.

Weekly Couple Therapy in Berlin with Andrew

If you live in Berlin and are interested in Couple Therapy in English my practice is at Wielandstrasse 14, Berlin 10629, Germany. Find out more about Weekly Couple Therapy in Berlin.

For all questions about my availability and times for counselling, please use the contact form below and my Practice Manager will get back to you.

Please use the form below for all questions about my availability and my Practice Manager will respond. A session with me in London costs £180. 

Senior Therapist: Evelyn (London)

The first member of the team who offers the Marshall Method in London is Evelyn.

Evelyn trained originally with Relate and has twenty years experience as a couples therapist and is also a sex therapist.


Senior Therapist: Jon

The second member of the team who offers the Marshall Method in London is Jon.

He has a High Diploma in Counselling, is a registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and has been working with couples for six years.

Jon works on a Thursday evening at my London Practice, 1 Snow Hill Ct, London EC1A 2EJ. The session with Jon costs £135 paid in advance.

Senior Therapist: Debby (Skype)

Debby is an experienced couples counsellor and a sex therapist. Debby offers weekly skype counselling in the Marshall Method process.

Debby and I have worked together for over fifteen years at RELATE and she co-leads workshops with me. She is fully trained in my method and the skype sessions cost £90, paid in advance.

To enquire about availability, find out about becoming a Skype client with Debby, please use the contact form at the end of this page.

Senior Therapist: Claudio (Skype)

The fourth therapist who offers the Marshall Method on Skype is Claudio.

We worked together at RELATE in the past, he is an experienced couples counsellor and he has a background in family therapy too.

Claudio is not taking on new clients at the moment. Former clients who are interested in more work with him should contact the Practice Manager using the contact form.

I meet with all my team members on a regular basis to discuss their cases and supervise their work.

Skype/Online Video Conferencing Counselling Sessions

Telephone or Skype counselling is offered by the team. These sessions cost £90 and are paid in advance.

Booking a Session

For more information or to enquire about booking a counselling session, please complete the form below. It would be helpful if you can stipulate with which therapist you would like to work (or no particular preference) and where. Please note: Andrew is based in Berlin.

Contact the Marshall Method Therapy Team

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Marshall Method Counselling

If you would like to see a member of the Marshall Method Therapy Team it costs £135 in London (for face-to-face) and £90 for Skype. 

We provide an initial assessment session of fifty minutes to discuss your situation and whether we are the right people to help. (If not we will make suggestions of the best way forward). At the end of the session, if you are still interested in counselling, we will discuss a contract of work together.

This varies from person to person but we will give a rough idea at the initial assessment consultation. We generally see couples for twelve sessions and individuals for six. Our aim is to provide as many sessions as your circumstances require. Throughout the counselling process, we are happy to discuss your progress and give estimates of how many more sessions are needed.

If you are working face-to-face, we hold open your slot, so you will see your therapist each week on the same day at the same time. If you are working on-line, there is more flexibility.

When working face to face, if you cancel without giving two weeks notice, you will still have to pay for the session. With on-line counselling, see the relevant question below.

When working face to face, if you give notice of two weeks or more, you do not have to pay the full fee. However, there is a holding fee of £40 to keep the slot open for you while you are away.

One of the advantages of Skype sessions is that they offer more flexibility and your therapist will indeed do his or her best to meet your requirements. However, we do ask for notice for cancelling sessions. If you give four days notice (or less), we ask for a cancellation fee of £30 pounds but if you give us only two days (or less) we ask for the full fee (£90).

We will give at least two weeks notice of holidays and phone if we are unable to counsel for any unforeseen reason. Obviously, you will not be charged for the session nor will there be a fee to hold the slot open.

When your first appointment has been confirmed, you will be sent an email contact address and a mobile number for text messages (in an emergency). We would be grateful if you could mainly communicate via email when necessary (for example: about forthcoming holidays). Be aware that entering into private correspondence (without copying in your partner) can set up ‘secrets’, risk making your partner feel excluded and hamper the work on your relationship and therefore best avoided. It is our policy not to enter into phone conversations with clients beyond on scheduled and pre-agreed occasions.

We ask for one week’s notice if you wish to end your counselling, so that we can do a proper ending session. If your work is coming to end, we will discuss that in advance and you will not be liable for the rest of the sessions in the contract.

We will not reveal anything about you or your particular circumstances unless we have reason to believe that there is a risk of serious harm (to yourself or another person – especially a child). If this was the case, we would do our utmost to discuss the issues and my concerns with you first. I should add in almost thirty years working with couples and individuals and have never needed to break confidentiality yet. Marshall Method Therapy – Confidentiality Record-keeping Policy (PDF, 187kb).

As you know, Andrew is a writer and therefore asks his clients to let him use the learning and knowledge gained from your time together to inform his work. He will not reveal any personal identifying information. He also combines case histories to further protect anonymity.

If you are seeing Evelyn or Jon, in London, their names will be on a plaque outside and will buzz you into the building.

If you are the first appointment of the evening, they will be in their room about five or ten minutes beforehand to answer the buzzer.

Please use the contact form below to register. Tricia, the Practice Manager, will endeavour to respond by email as soon as possible and let you know when there is likely to be an initial assessment with one of the team. After the initial consultation, if we do not have any available on-going slots, we will put you on our waiting list and hope to find an on-going slot within a couple of weeks. Your therapist should be able to give you some indication at your initial assessment about when work can commence.

  • Andrew, Evelyn and Debby have Diplomas in Marital & Couple Counselling Theory & Practice (Relate).
  • Debby and Evelyn also have the Diploma in Psychosexual Therapy (Relate).
  • Jon has a Higher Diploma from the Gilead School of Counselling and is a member of the BACP.
  • Claudio has a Diploma in Clinical Family Therapy and the Advanced Diploma in the Supervisor of Systemic Psychotherapy (from the Institute of Family Therapy).

The approach is combination of Psycho-dynamic and Systemic. Psycho-dynamic looks at the influence of your first childhood relationships with your parents and their impact on all subsequent relationships. Meanwhile, Systemic is focused on the here and now and engages the therapist and the clients as a team looking at how the relationship could be changed and improved today. In addition, there are some ideas from Brief Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy and Mindfulness.

We welcome feedback from clients and knowing what is not working is an integral part of the healing journey. If the problems cannot be resolved with the therapist, we ask you to put your complaint in writing and it will be dealt with by Andrew. If the complaint is about him or you are not satisfied, it is taken to outside arbitration. Marshall Method Therapy – Complaints Policy (PDF, 259kb).

The initial consultation assessment is paid in advance via PayPal or direct into our bank account and each subsequent appointment is paid a week in advance.

Please use the contact form above and the Practice Manager will answer via email.

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Face-to-face sessions available in central London on Thursday evenings

Remember the advantage of stepping out of your house,  getting a fresh perspective on your relationship and what needs to change.